Magz the Guardian Dragon - Kitchen Magnet

Magz the Guardian Dragon - Kitchen Magnet

Hand Crafted in Scotland

All of our sculptures are created by hand. Our casting and finishing process means that each piece is unique and may differ in slight details to the images shown above.

The Measure of Magz

Fiend to some, no devil to others,
Gravely gorgeous our sisters and brothers,
Dragon's tongue to buckle the belt
     Dragonmail of olde ye smelt,
From Dragonsclaw and Dragonswort
Grow Dragonshead lest ye be caught!
Drawing the chariot of the moon
     By Dracōn-em be gone all doom!
— C. Druett, 2014

Magz the Guardian Dragon - Kitchen Magnet

From Gravely Gorgeous
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Like her larger sister, Magz the Kitchen Dragon was inspired by a pair of dragons guarding the doors of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church on Easter Road, Leith.

Her diminutive size (only 7cm in diameter, or just under 3 in.) makes her perfect for watching over your kitchen, and the powerful neodynium magnet on her back will allow her to perch on your refrigerator or other metal surface. She can securely hold 5-10 sheets of standard A4 sized paper to a metal surface. Keep her away from your magnetic media though- she might take a shine to your flash drive and simply wipe it clean!

Her ancestors have been stood as sentinels at St. Margaret’s for nearly 150 years. Take Magz home to become your refirgerator's guardian dragon!

SizeHeight: 7cm | Width: 7cm | Depth: 4 cm
Weightapprox. 80g
ColourAvailable in simulated stone finish (gray)
MaterialHand cast and hand painted resin with powerful neodymium magnets attached to the back.
UsageThis magnet is intended for use by adults. If the magnets should be removed from the sculpture then they could easily be swallowed by small children.

Magnets are not toys! Make sure that children don't play with magnets.

Magnets can produce a far-reaching, strong magnetic field. They could damage TVs and laptops, computer hard drives, credit and ATM cards, data storage media, mechanical watches, hearing aids and speakers. Keep magnets away from devices and objects that could be damaged by strong magnetic fields.

Magnets could also affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators.

Gravely Gorgeous cannot take any responsibility for improper use of these magnets.
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