National Poetry Day

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Today, 8 October, is National Poetry Day here in the UK and to celebrate, I thought I'd post a few of the pieces our resident poet has created for Gravely Gorgeous.

Each of our gargoyles and grotesques has their own poem, crafted by Storyteller and Poet Claire Druett. Here's a few:

Fiend to some, no devil to others,
Gravely gorgeous our sisters and brothers,
Dragon's tongue to buckle the belt
     Dragonmail of olde ye smelt,
From Dragonsclaw and Dragonswort
Grow Dragonshead lest ye be caught!
Drawing the chariot of the moon
     By Dracōn-em be gone all doom!
— C. Druett, 2014


Do ghost markings give away this moulted, hy-brid creature,
A Fledgling clutched to a ledge, a caffeine crazed Chimera?
You can spot him between sips, if daring to look up,
If curious, just raise your eyes to linger between cups
You'll recognise not one, but two, who see the best at night
The muzzle speaks of Dam and Sire, the Wings of Parliament
For Bucky is a gorgeous blend, he causes quite a stir
Inhaling wafts of Cinnamon, What luck to Peck and Purr!
— C. Druett, 2015


Above the High Kirk the glades run deep,
In a forest rich for a dragon’s keep,
He watches the square as the first and last,
Feet from the Heart of Midlothian’s past.
Whether young or old, rich or poor,
He stands to protect all who pass through these doors
— C. Druett, 2015

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