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"Nothing can be more magnificent and gravely gorgeous...[for] the artist wrought with his heart and head."

- Nathaniel Hawthorne, the English Note-Books, 1855 

In The English Note-Books, Nathaniel Hawthorne describes with much ardor the Gothic architecture of Britain, displaying his admiration of the artists and architects who built these edifices with their "multitudes of statues, gargoyles, and miscellaneous eccentricities of sculpture, which ... smile, frown, laugh, and weep over the faces of these old fabrics."

We here at Gravely Gorgeous also adore those eccentricities of sculpture that seem to go so unnoticed these days.

On various trips about the UK, I've noticed that not even the tourists seem to stare above ground level, instead contenting themselves with looking at the storefronts and shop windows in the many mazelike streets, alleys mews and closes, never taking the time to see that there is an entire world above their heads. After residing in Edinburgh for two years, I decided it was time to bring the gargoyles to the people. I began searching the city for gargoyles and grotesques, finding them hiding nearly everywhere there was an older building.

As an artist and a sculptor, I have chosen to use these skills to bring you strong, lightweight sculptures inspired by the historic gargoyles, grotesques and chimaera of Edinburgh. These pieces are hand-crafted works of art, designed to hang on your wall and bring a bit of Edinburgh home to you.

If you have seen a gargoyle lurking about the city that you think should join our collection, by all means let us know. We are also open to the creation of bespoke work, so if you have an idea which you'd like to see come to life, visit our contact page.

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